Faculty & Staff

St. Al’s School has an outstanding group of faculty and staff members. Not only are our teachers knowledgeable, creative and proficient in their fields, they deeply care about their students. It is the personal attention provided by the staff that makes our school a welcoming community where students feel accepted and ready to excel.

 Mrs. Sandra Staud

 Position: Principal
 Phone: (513) 574-4035
 Email: staud_s@saintals.org







 Mrs. Christy Eichhold

 Position: Assistant Principal, Information Technology   
 Grade: K-8
 Email: eichhold_c@saintals.org
 Website: Teacherweb






 Mrs. Beth Wolfzorn

 Position: Preschool Director 
 Email: wolfzorn_b@saintals.org







 Ms. Carol Wullenweber

 Position: School Secretary
 Email: Wullenweber_c@saintals.org







 Mrs. Theresa Mongan

 Position: Teacher
 Grade: Kindergarten

Email: Mongan_t@saintals.org

 WebSite: Mrs. Mongan Website





 Mrs. Eileen Schweinberg

 Position: Teacher
 Grade: First
 Email: Schweinberg_E@saintals.org
 WebSite: Teacher Web






                                Ms. Amanda Schrand

                                                      Position: Teacher

                                                      Grade: Second

                                                      Email: schrand_a@saintals.org


 Mrs. Amy Hummel

 Position: Teacher
 Grade: Third
 Email: Hummel_a@saintals.org
 WebSite: Teacher Web






 Mrs. Lizzie Greene

 Position: Teacher
 Grade: Fourth
 Email: Greene_l@saintals.org







                                   Mr. Mike Morh

                                                       Position: Teacher
                                                       Grade: Fifth
                                                       Email: morh_m@saintals.org 


 Ms. Elizabeth Ehrman

 Position: Teacher
 Grade: Jr High Science 
 Email: ehrman_e@saintals.org
 Website: Teacherweb






 Mr. Ralph Rust

 Position: Teacher
 Grade: Eighth Grade Homeroom, Jr High Social Studies & Religion 
 Email: Rust_r@saintals.org







 Mrs. Nancy Heitzman

 Position: Teacher
 Grade: Junior High Math
 Email: heitzman_n@saintals.org






 Miss Connie Ober

 Position: Teacher
 Grade: Physical Education
 Room: Gym
 Email: Ober_c@saintals.org






Mrs. Kathy Hicks

 Position: Librarian
 Email: library@saintals.org







Miss Miriam Clark

Position: Art/Music
Email: Clark_m@saintals.org







 Mr. Jesse Armstrong 

Position: Cafeteria Manager 
Email: cafeteria@saintals.org







 Mrs. Debbie King

 Position: Cafeteria