Posted on November 05, 2016 09:44

 Dear Parents,

Our Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on Tuesday, November 22, 2016. There are conference blocks of time for Kindergarten/First Grade and another set of Conference blocks for rest of grades for you to choose from.

The cafeteria will be closed and school will be dismissed at 1:30pm on that day. Please pack a nutritious snack and drink for your child. School is closed on the following Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for the Thanksgiving holidays.

These conference times are not able to accommodate lengthy conversations. We will schedule for approximately 10 minutes per student. If you feel that you would like more time, please e-mail or leave a message for the teacher indicating your desire to schedule a conference at another time.

If you have more than one child at St. Al’s, you should fill out the form for each of the children. Please review your personal calendar and indicate your preference for conference. Please note that there are fewer possibilities for the evening hours so we hope to schedule most for the afternoon.

Please return the forms to the respective homeroom teacher no later than Tuesday, November 7th since we will be creating a schedule for your appointments that week at our Faculty Meeting.. We make every effort to accommodate all requests and when the schedule is complete we will send a notice home indicating the time of the appointment(s). We are happy to partner with our parents for the benefit of the students. Thanks for your support and cooperation.


Sandra Staud, Principal

PLEASE NOTE** if you are waiting for Report cards first before scheduling a conference, there will be a need for a quick return of the form below. Report cards come out Nov. 4 and this form needs to be returned by the following Monday, Nov 7th. Thank you!

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