Tuesday-Friday 12:10-2:25


If you would like to volunteer in the library to help check out student’s books or read to a class, please contact Kathy Hicks at   You can also sign up at Open House at the LIBRARY table!

Fall Book Fair

The Scholastic book fair will November 26 – 30. Students will preview the fair and send home a wish list.  Parents can shop at the fair during conferences.  Stay tuned for more info on this years exciting theme!

Spring Book Fair


Checkout Privileges

Kindergarten & 1st:  1 book/1 week
2nd—8th:  2 books/2 weeks
Please remind the lower grades to return their book every week so they can pick a new one.
Books may be renewed up to 2x’s (14 days). Students are responsible for asking the librarian to renew their book.
Lost books will be charged the price of the book.

There will be no fines charged for overdue books this year.  Instead, if a book is not returned after the maximum checkout/renewal period, (42 days) the student will be responsible for paying for the book(s).  Cost is based on the current price of the book.


Contact Kathy Hicks at


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