Constitution and By-Laws of the St. Aloysius Gonzaga

Parent Teacher Organization
September, 2008

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Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be the St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parent Teacher Organization, P.T.O., which shall include preschool through 8th grade.

Article II – Object

The Purpose of this organization shall be to promote closer cooperation between parents and teachers and to work for the advancement of Catholic Education and the welfare of the children of St. Aloysius Gonzaga School.

Article III – Membership

1. Persons with children attending St. Aloysius Gonzaga School are eligible for membership upon payment of dues.

2. Annual Membership dues shall be determined by the Board by August 1st of each school year. The term of the annual Membership shall be from August 1st of the current year to July 31st of the following year

3. Only current members of the PTO shall be eligible to participate in its business meetings or to serve in any of its elective or appointive positions.

4. Only paid members will be allowed voting privileges. In order to vote on issues at the first General Assembly, dues must be paid. In order to vote on future matters, dues must be paid by the end of the first quarter.

5. Teachers on staff at St. Aloysius Gonzaga are considered members of PTO with voting privileges, no applicable members dues are required.

Article IV – Officers and Representatives

1. The officers of this organization shall be President(s), Vice-President(s), Past President(s), Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, School Representative, Ways and Means, and Faculty Representative all of whom shall be elected by the general membership at the May General Assembly Meeting.

2. The Pastor of the Parish and the Principal of the school shall be, respectively, the Spiritual Director and the Honorary President. A member of the teaching staff shall serve as Faculty Representative to this organization.

Article V – Nominations and Elections

1. Nominations shall be presented by the President at the General Assembly. The President shall present nominees for each office open for election at the May General Assembly meeting, when nominations from the floor shall be in order. Elections will also take place at the May General Assembly meeting. All nominations for P.T.O. offices will be closed at the May General Assembly. If any offices remain unfilled, it will be up to Board to nominate and elect officers to those positions.

2. Only members are eligible to be nominated. Employees, excluding the Faculty Rep and Principal, of St. Al's shall not be permitted to be on the Board. The consent of the nominee must be given before their name is presented.

3. The term of each office shall be two years for officers except President(s) and Vice President(s). The Vice-President(s) shall be elected to office for a period of one year and then automatically advance to President(s) for one year and then Past President(s) for one year. The Vice President and President position shall have the option to serve for one (1) additional year with the majority approval from the other officers on the Board.

4. Vacancies of elected officers occurring during the year shall be filled through the Board.

5. Vacancies shall be open to current officers on the Board and then open to the General Assembly. In the event that a position opens on the Board, another Board member shall be permitted to move to that position, with majority approval from the Board, regardless if their current position commitment has been completed or not.

Article VI – Meetings

1. General Assembly meetings shall be held 3 times a year in the months of September, January and May, or as designated by the President(s) and the Principal.

2. The Board shall meet monthly during the school year on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm, which is subject to change each year as determined by the President(s) and the Principal.

3. General Assembly and Board meetings shall be open to all interested persons. In order to keep meetings on schedule, Non Board members will only be permitted to discuss items during open discussion at the conclusion of the agenda.

4. Special meetings shall be called by the President(s).

5. If there is a committee report, they are due the Monday before Board meetings via email or hard copy to the President(s). Agendas, minutes and reports will be sent out via email/hard copy at least twenty-four hours before meetings.

6. Twenty-four hours advanced notice is required for Special Board meetings via phone or email. Notices shall not be sent home with the children.

Article VII – Quorum

1. Representation of three officers and twelve members shall constitute a quorum at General Assembly meetings. The Officers of the Board shall have a vote at the Board meetings. (Positions that have more than one person shall only have one vote per position. The majority vote in shared positions shall be the standing vote. If there is not a majority vote between the co-chairs of a position, their vote shall be thrown out. If a person holds more than one office on the Board, they shall only have one vote and not a vote for each position.

2. The President(s) shall abstain from voting except in the event of a tie.

3. The Past President, Pastor and Principal shall not have a vote on the Board.

Article VIII-Policies

1. The retiring President(s) shall remain on the Board as an advisor for one year.

2. No Officer shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.

3. No Officer shall serve on the Board for more than six consecutive years.

4. A President or Vice President shall serve on the Board for at least one (1) year before becoming President or Vice President. The only exception to this is if a current Board Member does not want these positions.

5. The President(s), Past-President(s), Vice President(s), Treasurer, Ways & Means and the Principal shall meet in June to determine a proposed budget to be voted on at the first General Assembly Meeting. New and former Officers of these positions shall be present.

6. Two unexcused absences by an Officer of the Board shall be sufficient grounds for dismissal from the Board. The Officer shall be excused upon notification of the President(s). It is the responsibility of the Board to find a replacement and/or provide their report. Failure to contact a Board member regarding an absence from a meeting shall constitute an unexcused absence.

7. The Board may approve an expenditure of $500.00 or less. Any amount greater than that, shall require the majority of the General membership to approve before it can be effective. The president(s) may approve up to $100.00 without the approval of the Board or the General membership. The President shall notify the Board via emails of expenditure approvals.

8. 50% of the profit from the Kroger Card program will be tithed back to the Church after the final amount is tallied and received by Kroger. This dollar amount is not subject to vote and will be tithed back per the percentage noted above regardless of the amount.

9. All PTO recommendations must be available to all members at least one month prior to the General Assembly meeting at which they will be voted upon. These recommendations/revisions will be available for review on the school’s web page and, at the request of a member, a hard copy will be sent home through school. PTO members will be made aware of the upcoming vote and the availability of the proposal(s) via a note from school. A vote will then take place at the next General Assembly meeting.

10. All budgeted monies shall be spent within seven (7) days of the last day of school for each calendar year. Therefore, all receipts must be turned into the treasurer no later seven (7) days from the last day of school. After those seven (7) days have passed, no money can be spent/reimbursed until the budget in approved for the following school year at the first general assembly, with the exception of PTO operating expenses. If the budget money is not spent prior to the seven (7) days of the last day of school, those funds shall be forfeited and put back into the general fund and not carried over.

Article IX – Duties of Officers

- Please see attached Job descriptions for each Board Member.

Article X –

1. A review of the By-Laws is required every two years by the Board. Any amendments made to the By-Laws will require a two-thirds vote for approval by the Board.

Article XI - Procedures for Money

1. All funds for the PTO shall be held in a bank account with the treasurer, priest and the principal to be authorized signers on the account.

2. No money raised shall leave school grounds or event location (if not held at school) until it is counted by at least two (2) people. Said people shall be PTO Board Members and event chairperson(s).

3. When money is counted, a paper filled out with the exact inventory of money, signed and dated by all people whom counted the money. The money and inventory sheet shall be provided to the treasurer, and/or a PTO Board member.

The above articles were adopted on: June 27, 2017

Addendum to PTO Bylaws