Did you know that our school earns money with Coca Cola Rewards?  Coca Cola Rewards allows you to donate rewards from the products you are already purchasing to St. Al’s PTO.   Most Coke products have codes inside the caps and on the flaps in the boxes of cans (see pictures below) which earn money for our school!

How to Participate:

Option 1 – Enter Codes through their website

  1. Visit the site
  2. Search for St Aloysius Gonzaga School or by the zip code 45211.
  3. Create an account with a valid email/Google account/Facebook.
  4. Enter the code manually from your Coca Cola product and it will be donated to St. Al’s PTO! NOTE: If you visit the site using your mobile phone you can simply take a picture of the code instead of entering it manually!

Option 2 – Send your caps and case clippings into school and the PTO will take care it!

  1. Each time you purchase a 12 pack or case of Coke products, you can send the case clipping into school for us to be able to enter codes.
  2. Each time you purchase bottle of Coke products, you can send in the caps for us to enter codes!

Get codes and donate points from any of these participating Coke brands:

Coke Brands