COVID-19 Protocols

Click here to view the updated quarantine guidelines recommened by the Ohio Department of Health.

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  • 14 days would be quarantine 14 days from exposure without being tested (which is what HCPH recommends
    • A student can get tested on the 5th day from exposure (no earlier or it does not count) with proof of the negative test, students and staff are allowed to get the rapid testing done, PCR testing is preferred, quarantine for 2 more days, and are free to return on the 8th day. 
    • Self-monitoring for the remaining 6 days, totaling 14 days
      • Self-monitoring involves: Taking temperatures before coming to school and checking for symptoms
  • If someone is a close contact to a positive case and gets tested and is asymptomatic their quarantine starts from the day they got tested.

    However, if they develop symptoms after their test date, their quarantine would then start over from the day that their symptoms started.
  • Unmasked students fully vaccinated do NOT have to quarantine. We ask that they wear masks for the next 10 days out of precaution and courtesy to others
  • Students wearing masks all day with less than 15 minutes of contact and at a distance of 3 or more feet do not have to quarantine.